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Access Control

Smart Home Access

Been meaning to make your home smarter?

Accessing and securing your home has never been so convenient. You can now lock and unlock your home using apps on your phone. Allow access to people at home, see activity, like who’s using the lock at what time, and schedule entry times. No need to hunt for the right door key anymore!

We carry a variety of different smart home access control options. Schedule a time to meet with one of our certified techs and we can recommend the right system for you.

Access cards, Card readers and Access Keypads

Access cards or proximity cards are held near the card reader, rather than being swiped or inserted. Credentials are personalized, so any access event can be traced back to the person associated with it.

Card readers are mounted on the wall next to the door. They read the data on the supplied card and send a request to the server to unlock the door. Some access control systems use keypads requiring PIN or fingerprints in place of the card reader.

At ElectricLand, Inc. we can help you to decide which system is the right access control choice for your business or property.

Controlled Business Access

Fast and simple access is something that is required today by many businesses and organizations, whether it's for compliance, IP data or employee safety.

ElectricLand Inc. engineers custom access control solutions for our business customers, including access control, door hardware, intrusion detection, video and complete integration solutions.

Our access control systems improve capabilities, enhance operational efficiencies and inspire confidence that your assets, resources and people are secure and safe.

ElectricLand is OPEN and offering curbside/no touch delivery, please call us at 406-433-4370 for details.